Get ready to study in Uruguay


All exchange students are required to purchase medical insurance that covers medical assistance and ambulance service.

To register for courses, you are required to hold insurance covering at least 30,000 Euros (as established by the Schengen agreement) and valid during the entire stay in Uruguay, plus 15 additional days.

On campus emergency cases are covered by institutional insurance, limited to emergency assistance and transportation to a hospital if needed.

Where to receive medical assistance

For minor issues (flu, colds, stomach problems, etc.) SEMM Polyclinics are a good option. 

  • Policlínica Central, Bv. Artigas 946, intersection Bv. España
  • Policlínica Shopping, Luis A. de Herrera 1273 intersection Lamas.

In case of emergency and serious illness Hospital Británico is a good choice, as it offers comprehensive care to foreigners (Av. Italia 2420, Montevideo, Tel: +598 2487 1020).

In most cases medicines are not included in the service and must be purchased separately at additional cost.

Emergency transportation

  • Emergencia Uno: 1830
  • Emergencia SEMM: 159


Most pharmacies offer a delivery service (many of them 24/7).

  • Farmashop 15 - Montevideo - Pocitos
    21 de Setiembre 2867 esq. Ellauri
    Tel: 27105953
  • Farmashop 18 - Montevideo - Pocitos
    José Ellauri 1084 bis esq. Av. Brasil
    Tel: 2 708 4788
  • Lyon Farmacias - Cordón
    18 de julio 2102 esq. Requena Montevideo - 2400 2906
  • Farmashop 21 - Montevideo - Centro
    Colonia 903 esq. Convención 900 7962 8 - 22 hrs.