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Summer Exchange Program

Additional to the information below, you must send in a scan or photo of your passport to your exchange program coordinator.

Check your passport expiration date to make sure you have at least 6 months of validity remaining on your passport at the time of travel.

You must also acquire health insurance and provide proof of your policy. This requirement must be met in order to participate in the program, although you may present your proof of insurance upon arrival in Uruguay.

Please contact idiomas@ort.edu.uy with any questions that may arise in the future.

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1.1. General comments or special requests
2. Buddy Program
We are proud to offer exchange students the opportunity to participate in the Buddy Program.
Through this program international students are assigned a local partner who can guide them and accompany them before and during their stay in Uruguay.
Buddies can help you with questions like, “What kind of warm clothing should I bring to Uruguay?”, or “What is there to do this weekend?”
Participation in this program is optional and the extent to which you interact with your buddy is up to you.

Would you like to participate in the Buddy program? No thanks.
Yes, and I would be more comfortable with a female buddy.
Yes, and I would be more comfortable with a male buddy.
Yes, please.
3. Medical Insurance
“I agree to purchase medical insurance for throughout my stay in Uruguay, plus 5 additional days, with an amount of coverage of at least 30,000 Euros. I understand that I cannot start my courses at Universidad ORT Uruguay if I do not meet this requirement
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